MY Crude oil trading.

Here i am updating my crude Trades.

If anybody interested they can follow.

Im not responsible for any profit or loss. here im just updating my trades.

First i give call... then after depending upon moment i will update sl and target.
I will trade with huge qty. (max 40 lots) for me its huge.

1.first trade i with trade with 10 lots.

If any loss in any trade then i double lots.... max up to 40 lots. means 3 steps.

2. Max Sl i keep 30 pts. ( depend upon moment)

3. profit booking will depend upon moment... minimum 10 pts.. max .. following by moment.

4. All calls only on current series. So plz trade in current active series.

5. Now i required 6k to trade 1 lot of crude. ( My broker giving good margin money). I have CO fecility in mcx.

6. All are intraday trading only. No positional.
Date: 06/Nov/2013

Me go Long above @5872 (10 lots)

Target will update later.

Dont afraid.

"jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya"

"There is no place for un necessary logics. or arguments."

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