Multiple time frame system

Hi everybody,

I have been using metastock for my analysis and the experience has been extremely gratifying.

However, lately I have been grappling with one problem with respect to coding out my system.

My system basically works on multiple time frames.

Lets assume this basic set up (not my system.. lol)

On hourly charts prices above 20 day moving average.
Oversold stochastic on 5 min chart.

How do I code this. Coding them individually is easy. Buy how do I make an explorer that can throw up trades after both the above conditions are satisfied.

Kindly advice.

P.S - Currently, I use the explorer on the hourlies. Then use a second explorer on the resultant securities. However, this system does not lend itself for backtesting.
Senior traders,

I think this is a common question that many traders have. I tried searching for a solution on google but alas ... google afterall does not have answers to everthing.

Plz advice


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Which software is used for coding ?
If amibroker many people can help I guess.


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I am talking about metastock pro.
I m sure metastock is a limitation. If you change to Amibroker, the exploration will be very easy to write for different timeframe indicator to work together.

If you choose not to change, then consider this approximation method:
Put 60min 20 MA put onto 5min chart
ratio is 60/5 =12
so 12 *20 = 240MA.

Then you can exploration both on 5 min.

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