1. M

    AFL code - Trading on concrete calendar dates

    Hello, I would like to test an idea on strategy that trades on specific dates during the year only. I have defined concrete list of dates and want to back test this strategy that will on particular date buy on open and sell on close equities from certain basket. Unfortunately I cannot put...
  2. H

    amibroker syntax error 30 . please help

    Hi guys , I am trying to change the bar color on amibroker , but they always give me the syntax error 30 . could someone help me identify the mistake pls ? Code 1 : SetBarFillColor(IIf(O <C, colorSeaGreen,colorOrange)); Code 2: SetBarFillColor(IIf(C>O,ParamColor("Candle UP Color"...
  3. S

    code not working properly

    please help me. In the following code, i want sell to take place only when stop loss is cut or the target is met. But the position is exited on the very next candle bar. What am i doing wrong? _SECTION_BEGIN("SHITIZ"); COND2 = High >...
  4. V

    gold/oil/baltic dry ticker codes

    I'm trying to find the ticker codes for gold ( $US.ounce) and crude oil (barrel) and baltic dry index (shipping) for Amibroker. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. S

    Helloz. Waiting for my first question

    Just joined. Hi, Is there any code or API which can provide me different details about stock like CMP 52-week low 52-week high Industry Volume traded Day's low Day's high and other details Thanks in advance :)
  6. M

    How to use if else statement with other indicator fucntions

    I have a code like this mrsi=RSIa(C,14); ma1=MA(C,200); if((mrsi >70) AND C>ma1 ) var=1; else var=0; if ( var == 1 ) { Do some stuff } else { } The problem is when i execute this i am getting this error Error 6. Condition in IF, WHILE, FOR statements has to...
  7. A

    Plotting foreign symbol - AFL HELP NEEDED

    Hi seniors, I am able to plot 2 symbols in one chart using the formula: PlotForeign( "JUSTDIAL-I", "JUSTDIAL", colorRed, styleBar ); -------- Please help me plot the average of prices of both the symbols. 2 symbols ploted in my chart are: HDFC-I & JUSTDIAL-I How shall I plot...
  8. Sagarocks432

    Custom Indicator for stochastic in amibroker

    Plotted lines as indicator in amibroker value changes as scroll bar moves? I had plotted 2 lines as indicator in amibroker. Suppose vaule at 10am is 20 but when i move the scroll bar it changes to 50 and all the line value changes when scroll bar moves. How to correct this problem...
  9. M

    How to get sound alerts in amibroker?

    With all the info ive gathered, I have been tinkering with the code to get sound alerts. All the time it falls short. Sometimes it shouts even when the candle is forming, or doesnt alert all the time or alerts only for a few instruments. I have zero coding knowledge. I have following...
  10. A

    Need AFL writer for my custom code

    Hi Members, Please suggest some Professional AFL writers for my custom strategy. I understand, good things come at a price. Thanks all.
  11. A

    Plotting SMA high Low as Line

    Hi Members, We can plot SMA or EMA as continuously changing lines. Is it possible to catch the High and Low of Moving Averages and plot a straight line for the current day. Please help.
  12. A

    =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) into AFL

    Hi all members, Please help me convert the excel formula into AFL code. =MOD((SQRT(N)*180)-225,360) Many thanks. I googled, but could not find anything.
  13. Logitech

    Help for Bollingar Band Scanner.

    Guys, I am trying to write a scanner to find stocks that have reached lower bollingar band with setting of bbandbot(C,200,2) on a 5 min chart. below is the code That I have written which I think should work but for some reason when I scan nothing comes up in scanner, I'll appreciate if any...
  14. A

    AFL - last days MID level + cloud

    Hi members, please help me plotting cloud funtion in below afl. Above last days mid level all green and below all red. Below is afl //************************************* _SECTION_BEGIN(""); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color"...
  15. A

    AFL - colored bars

    Hi Members, I am trying to code an AFL where the following conditions meet. 1. If close is Greater than previous bar's open - Green Bar 2. If close if Lower than previous bar's open - Red Bar (Attached image) I tried much but could not work it out. Please help with your inputs...
  16. K


    Hi Friends, I want to code strategy for AmiBroker. Basically I want the software to show me in which stock there is a buy/sell as per my strategy. Does anyone know who can help me on this front. Thank you!
  17. S

    Multiple time frame system

    Hi everybody, I have been using metastock for my analysis and the experience has been extremely gratifying. However, lately I have been grappling with one problem with respect to coding out my system. My system basically works on multiple time frames. Lets assume this basic set up...
  18. F

    Woodies CCI for TS2Ki - compling problems

    Hi Everyone, I recently downloaded the EasyLanguage code for Woodies CCI - see below, however, I get an error message that "CCILength" in the very first line is not recognized when I try to compile it - I am using Tradestation 2000i version. Additionally there may also be other problems but...
  19. J

    how to do this?

    Hello, using Plot() to plot lines... draws a lines from left to right. But I want to draw a line on the right side.. and NOT the left side... For example: I want to draw Pivot Lines but simply passing the pivot value draws the whole line.. I want them only on right side. Actually I had...
  20. R

    SPY Accumulator Code help

    Greetings All, will some one code this basic accumulation code in AFL for me and all others too? Thanks so much. :) if (this is the start of a new month) then set buy flag = true if (buy flag == true) and ((close today is less than 1% below the close five days ago)...