multi time frame

  1. kuldeep12345

    Multiple time frame trend indicator afl

    multiple time frame trend indicator afl pls give me this type of afl
  2. R

    Can u help me?

    Hi guys (do we have dolls also here )!!! I need your help to make couple of afl's in amibroker. Ping me , if u have time, patience n expertise. AND above all u must posses a kind heart and a helping hand. Yeah, i know this must be boring to old ami professional but what to do newbies...
  3. S

    Multiple time frame system

    Hi everybody, I have been using metastock for my analysis and the experience has been extremely gratifying. However, lately I have been grappling with one problem with respect to coding out my system. My system basically works on multiple time frames. Lets assume this basic set up...