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Most of all I must have been saving on transport (which is obvious) and entertainment. But on the other hand, my spending on food and alcohol has increased, as I don't always have anything to do at home, and I think many people have a little increased money spending on this part. I also noticed that since I stopped shopping normally (and that doesn't mean that my expenses for all that stuff have decreased) I started ordering stuff on the Internet. It's clothes and stuff for home, little presents for the family. So if you look at it like that, I didn't actually save money on quarantine. Because even though my money spending hasn't gone down, it's just moved in other directions...
I saved the most money on transportation, too, as I almost stopped going out of my house and going somewhere at all. But at the same time, my food and entertainment expenses have increased. I ordered food delivery a lot because I didn't always want to cook for myself. I also got myself a subscription to Netflix, and it wasn't as cheap as I thought it would be :c

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