Minifty Trade Diary Using EMA Crossovers

Hi all,

Trade for the day

1) Sold Minifty @ 5082.35

Profit on this trade:

(Sell) 5082.35 - (Buy) 5078 - (Brokerage+Taxes) 3 = 1.35 Points

Profit till date:

0 + 1.35 = 1.35 Points.

2) Sold Minifty @ 5083

Dear Jasdeep,If you want to trade positional.Try this also. wwwdot truedataindia dot com.(Check LIVE NIFTY SYSTEM).Long from 25 Feb. near 4870 - 4880
Hello Sir,

Ya, I've checked that site earlier, but i think the 76 & 322 min EMA's are better option because they give quick reversal signals. Also if one has to try 70 & 1030 min. combination, I think www dot nifty dot stockmaniacs dot net is the better one as one has to not scroll the graph every now and then.



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whats is 72 mins ema and 322 mins ema...

i have come across 5,20,50,100,200,300 emas...

can anyone tell me how this emas convert into mins?
Hi Jasdeep,
If you are a positional nifty or mini nifty futures trader, I will suggest you to look in to " SH 315 strategy" , this is the best strategy I ever found ...
just try this..

Ya its a good one, but any of the signal in SH's 315 theory is generated at EOD charts, and one could be in losses if the markets gaps up or down the next day. Whereas, the chart I refer to is real time and one could make instant buy/sell decision hence minimizing chances of making loss.

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