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hi i am new to this site.i want to trade in gold n silver.i came to know metastock software is good for it.can anyone tell me from where can i download metastock and how to enter the data.any help will be apprieciated.thanks in can also mail me to [email protected].


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metastock is available from . By the way, metastock is only a charting software. Just like so many others, You can choose any one of them and then you will need datafeed to effectively start gettings the charts. You will still need to learn technical analysis to understand the entry and exits. Metastock is available in two versions EOD and Pro real time.

I know this reply confuses more than it answers but its better to get this information before you spend any money...rt? :)



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Found out there is another way for you to test Metastock without having to spend so much money. Do not talk to Viratech who are the authorised resellers in the country. Talk to equis directly.

They can lease the software and data on a monthly charge of $235 plus exchange fees. You can use this scheme to test metastock and see if it fits your requirement. If yes, than go ahead and buy it.



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thanks for the advice buddy.right now i am following netdania.but it seems thatmetstock gives you buy or sell signals that is why i just wanted to have a look.anyway thanks friend


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After having spent 11k on metastocj subscription, all i can say is its a crappy and very complicated software. Its not worth the money dude...Even if you get hold of'd need some training before you can acutally use it...not at all user friendly...and the datafeed from equis is not even compatible to any other charting software...all the reasons to dump this and move on to better products..


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hi tj member,
if u don't know how to use metastock,u learn metastock from anyone otherwise dont criticize without knowing ,here more seniors and professional traders using metastock..
in data feed all the lending data venders give the first preference to metastock format..u know?
happy trading..:thumb:
Is anything that i wrote, wrong? I am using both the data feed and the software. The data feed is unreliable and stops refreshing mid day while i am in trade. I went through 1 month training on metastock from which is the authorized vendor from Reuters. The problem is its not user friendly and it takes a hell lot of time in finding a feature that should be easy to find in any other software.A lot of people use cracked version of Metastock with some cheap data feed and so they not really complain...Pay $255 for a month and then tell me your feedback...If you still think i am wrong in criticizing tell me where can i learn more and change my opinion....

thanks for responding by the way...and happy trading :)
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