Metastock Plugin's Required - Any Help Appreciated

I am currently learning and would like to try out which ever i can lay my hands on. I Will appreciate which ever (of below mentioned list) you have.

Adaptive Cycle Toolkit (ACT)
AlphOmega Elliott Waves
Bollinger Band Toolkit
Dr. Elder's Trading Room
ETS Trading System
FIRE! by Adaptick
Timing Triggers by Jake Bernstein
JBL Risk Manager
Greg Morris Breadth Indicator Toolbox
Price Headley's Big Trends Toolkit
Pristine Method Scans by Greg Capra
Red Rock Pattern Strategies
Starting Point by Joe KrutSinger
Tactical Trader
Trade Oracle
Bollinger Band System
FX Traders Advantage
John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition
Nison's Candlesticks Unleashed
PowerPivots Plus
well i have some of them pm me your mail id will send u the links. i havent tried tried all of them so dnt now much about it.

Hi Noman,

Do you have Dr. Elders Trading Room Plug in? If yes I would love to have it too.

My email id is mark.dmello at yahoo dot com.

Thanks and appreciate it.

Dear Members,
I'm looking for turtle trader plugin,ETS Trading System & Timing Triggers by Jake Bernstein. If any body can forward a link i'm very thankful to him.
Anyone have the RMO ATM plug in. Please provide steps for installation on MS-11.
please email at: tutu1712 @ yahoo dot co dot in.
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