Formula for MetaStock V10.1 is required


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If anyone can provide me the following formaula for MetaStock v10.1

a) EMA 70min

b) EMA 1030min

c) MACD (26,12,9)

I will be very thankful if anybody can provide me these.....
i think you want these ema averages in metastock because they work well with yahoo 5 min chart. but they give different values in metastock because yahoo gives 1030 minute ema, whereas in metastock it gives values of 1030 day ema on 5 min chart. This ema strategy works best when you use it as 7 ema & 103 ema on 10 min chart in metastock.

hope it was helpfull.


pkg ,

I would suggest u to search for metastock training videos , and also search for metastock formulla premier. These things r basic.

Next this is wrong section to ask for . Go to trading softwares forum and in that metastock.


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sriniurs ji,
can u provide the formula for the ema's u have adviced and which live data platform is gud be compatible with the format U have suggested?

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