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My apologies if this may sound erratic to the members.

I have been a day trader/positional trader in Equities since about a year.
I want to start trading in MCX Gold in a few days time. I would like to know from the experienced traders for the same. My questions is, is it possible to capture a definite movement of Rs. 15-20 on daily basis? Just to make myself clear, say i bought MCX Gold Dec @ 19,840 in the morning at 10. Will it be possible that till 11 PM, i can book a profit @ 19,855-19,860 in the same trading session or is it possible to have a better/lower target on daily basis?

I am considering 14 trading sessions in a month for intraday and 2-3 for overnight positions.

I am open for suggestions and strategies.

Kindly share your opinions at the earliest if possible.

I'm not very sure how that works. I have been trading without charts as I get good recommendations from one of the analyst in my city from icici direct and good support from angel broking team.

I appreciate your concern but that's how it works well for me in equity. Moreover I do more of positional trades to short term trades, so I can cover those with trailing SLs.

For MCX Gold, this is the very reason I've asked for suggestions from experienced traders.

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. I shall try to attend the short courses offered by Angel Broking on regular basis. In the meanwhile, i shall stick to the advise given by your valuable experience.

@iGuru, Thanking you too for all your time and efforts.

Happy Trading,
Harshal Shah
Hi All

Even i want to trade in MCX gold where can i open the account to trade and where can i get the tips to trade. Currently I am trading in nifty and would like to trade in gold also. what would be brokerage for trading and what is the approx profit %. i am in bangalore if any one can guide me i can meet them in personal


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