MCX Crude/Gold views and my trade

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Gold has been doing pretty well this year boosted by the instability in the dollar regularly prompting flights into safe haven commodities.
Lead going to be 133/135 by 7/04/2017,7:25 pm;9/04/2017,4:30 pm;12/04/2017,5:25 pm as current usd inr rate. 7/04/2017,7:25 pm is minimum time . Better sell below 144 but if some one want to take risk then 156.35 is sl. As per my wave count it is wave 2. For wave 3 of wave 3 required confirmation below 144.. So either wait for 144 to break for sure short and if wanna take risk sell every rally whenever sell signal in hrly or 4 hrly with sl of latest last peak. Sorry for delay post but good opportunity now also. Already in sell from 152 new April series with same sl.
Sell zinc with sl of 183.30 now for the target of 169-166 target possible till 11/4/17 3:12 PM,14/4/17 12:15 PM,19/4/17 3:57 AM. These are possible turning point days. Minimum expected time 11/4/17 3:12 PM. Sorry for delay post as already in sell from 185.But still opportunity left. This is wave 3 of wave C target only and minimum target 169 as per my view. Better entry point for now is 181.8-182. on sell signal near Personal view no offense.
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zinc current alternative possible view
Currently in 4 hour chart bullish gartley pattern emerge. Before going down further now it seems 61.8% retracement which is pattern target possible which is near 2819. So buy on buy signal with sl below current low or 172.40 pattern sl of their choice if want to risk then for the maximum target of 183-184 subject to usdinr. It can possibly be wave 1 for extended wave 3 till 2888 not crossed we have to sell every rally. But for buying sl important as in daily prices below ichimoku cloud. but target 169-166 intact after this pattern target finished. Pattern fails specially below 2644.



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Have anyone used GANN square of 9 for crude oil trading?

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