Kotak securities --introduced 20rs/order

Kotak securities said to press news, introduced 20rs /order for intraday traders and more optimized plans are in...

Any Tradrs in Kotak?
discuss/Feedback about Kotak..

Happy trading.
Equity Delivery charges @0.25 %,Demat account AMC Rs 600 per year, demat delivery (sell ) min Rs 20......on higher side compared to brokers like Zerodha and FYERS. Equity investors who buy/sell on delivery dont need very fast and accurate data,charting etc.

Kotak will be more trusted company for large investors.I have traded in derivatives and commodities segments with Kotak Securities long time back...found them ok....
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Super Multiple are (Cover Order)
So nothing interesting
  • In case a position is liquidated by the RMS, additional brokerage of ` 50 per executed order will be charged over and above the brokerage rate. lol
in these day only trusted broker are those who don;t offer that kind of margins.

Since Broker cann;t offer x10 x25 x50 on MIS order + one has to keep 20% margin in trading when placing short selling order
Now all broker are safe
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Intraday is completely free...only when you use super multiple order type which gives you 50 times exposure , you have to pay rs 20 per order..
Hi Marimuthu Bro
Seeing you after a long time.how are you?
Will they able to give same exposure after SEBI rules implement which is paying NRML margin for intraday trades also?


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To activate FNO segment in Kotak, need to submit fin proof to the nearest Kotak sec office in person, wtf!!

Th whole process to open a bank, trading and demat a/c took all of 2 days.

Ab Kotak sec ki office kaha dhoondta phiru!!
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Haven't visited the office. So, no FNO account yet but cash/margin/super-multiple is active.

Charting is useless but the new trading website is okay for entering orders. The phone app is okay too, needs some getting used to. Now, need to see if the system stays up and running on busy days.

Work in progress but should be okay as a backup, given a full service broker with free intraday and Rs.20 FNO.
I Heared one of trading guy in kotak, he said backend charges like turnover,sebi,STT is high compared actual,so that they adjusted his brokerage in back-way.. if you have any contract note pls post here, will see how they do it?

Happy trading.