Kotak Securities with new Discount Offer 20222

I am new with the zero brokerage plan of Kotak Securities. It’s the cheapest, no doubt and no match with others on that front but what I lack are
# Independent trading platform and everything is browser based. That is so annoying.
# Today only, I found one of my trades got closed at market, ignoring my square off order.
# I placed another order for a new trade and it was simply ignored.
# I use a 200 Mbps connection, still I can’t see many times Pending orders etc. Trades executed etc are so confusing. I need a demo of their platform or whatever they call. It really sucks.
# Once you are in a trade, you are mostly in the dark. I am not finding a way to modify/exit/close etc
# And, finally, the customer service is a myth. You won’t get a human, you bet.