KISS like McGrath

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As I've quoted earlier too -- it is more of a Horizontal or Rectangle B/O.
Ajax is the Wolfe here so no arguments, he's better than the Wolfe!!!


Hey Ajax,

you're taking a W ( which is bearish) and making it bullish , where as my understanding is that it is an inverted W, an M, which is bullish...

just my five paisa on it...



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Spotted bearish Wolf formation on

NSE100, NSE500, NSEdefty, NSE midcap, NSE defty. all of them
Even S@P 500 of USA showing bearish wolf. Nifty main is similar

Last time I saw same pattern on all NSE indices was in Jan 2008
and NIFTY nose dived.....

SO........... be ............ careful... SOME THING IS GOING TO GIVE IN


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Hello Ajax,

I have studied all the wonderful results shown by you and other members in this thread and would like to paper trade and backtest the setup b4 doing it real time.:thumb:

So, Is it possible for you to share the AFL with us?

Thanks in advance.:clapping:

hi all,

I am new to the Futures and options concept and i want to learn about them from the basics. I don't have any idea abt what they are, so can someone please help me on "Where to start" etc and suggested readings.



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Can some1 plz look @ kohinoor food's chart from 15th march09 onwards and tell me if there is a bullish wolfe in the making ? im somehow not able to post the chart..
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