Kiss of MA


Can you help me code this in amibroker?

50ma Play

Chart Setup:
- RSI(30) with 30,50,70
- 50 simple Moving Average
- BB (50, 0.2)
- 250 simple Moving Average (to represent weekly 50Ma)
- green/red arrows represent crosses up/down of the weekly 50MA

The idea is to catch the bounce at 50ma, in conjunction with the cross of RSI(30) above the 50 line. The "Kiss of 50ma" on weekly chart will yield better results, thus we plotted the 250ma. The green/red arrows represent crosses up/down of the weekly 50MA.

We open BUY trade with these 2 most important conditions:
1. RSI(30) must be over the 50 line
2. Price must be as close as possible, and above the 50MA weekly.

Parabolic State is defined as when the RSI(30) weekly > RSI(30) daily. This is when big moves are happening at Parabolic State.


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