Swing Trading...strategy KISS- MERS

I am going to share something..

But before I think you are very well aware of 315 EMA strategy..


Put RSI (14) ....set overbought 60 and oversold 40

Also ,

Put Stochastic (14) ..set overbought 80 and oversold 20

And finally

Put MACD default or 5,34,5


Now the thing is ..

Signal 1::

Focus on 315 there should be buy signal as per 315
And at the same time RSI should be above approximately near 60..

Signal 2:

Stoch buy signal below 40
Macd buy signal at the same time ..
And exit as soon as stoch reaches near 80 zone ....

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Works on almost every timeframe...

But for better catch 1hr tf for trading..
And for smdays positional swings use 1day candle...

First: spot stochastics in oversold zone and crossed to give buy signal

Secondly: MACD buy signal cross

Point to be noted: ...MACD and stochs(14) both should cross for buy signal one after another or at the same time.....

Then U buy

And Exit as per 315 exit technique or stochs reaches in overbought zone

If u positionally trade with this system with 1day candle or tf...u will earn almost 1rs per 100 rs per day...I.e u can potentially generate 25-30% return monthly ...

Its simple , easy ,risk free technique ...have fun ..post your ..views ..ideas thank you very much

If someone can backrest it ...it would be great ...pls..

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I tested it by scrolling through the chart past 2years...on ibulhsgfin, coalindia , jswsteel and many more
Which timeframe did you use ? Swing or intraday ?

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