Jp associates buy or sell?


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I mean, rather than taking the difference between head and neck in rupees or points to determine the profit target, we can determine based on %.

i.e. 42% from neck line. Target will be 36/- (approx).
And how did you arrive @42 percent lower target?

The best in the business now and historically use targets in points, why are you suggesting otherwise?

You have proof that it works better than points method? Please share report

What's problem in point system? Obviously not all targets are met but a lot of are, and there's always trailing stop loss for those unmet targets
Though i didnt understand a single technical lingo, i would not comment on anything haha but i bought 500 shares at 31. i am looking for a sell target of 34.5-35. Also the stock closed at a good price yesterday.

I am also interested in JP power. Will it be a good investment in a short term view? i am planning to buy at 10 and sell at 12-13 within a month. Its also a good intraday stock i assume.

Hope for some valuable insights friends.

Good day


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for long term u cn buy it but u hav to b very long term investor.or for short term initiate sell on rjse strategy..gud luck

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