Jaiprakash Associates Ltd

I would advise on holding on to your 200 shares. I already have 100 and I plan to increase the count. The group has shows excellent results this quarter, is venturing into power generation and has shown a strong order book. So if you have an outlook of about a year,you can expect better than average returns.



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Hi Vinayak,

Thanks for your reply.
I will keep them for good profit. Thanks for your advice.

Do not panic, if you can hold them for a year approx, you should get good returns.

guys it is 20th, but i am not yet alloted the bonus from JPASSOCIAT :( anyone there got the bonus?
The bonus shares can take upto a month to reach your DEMAT, even if you sell your current shares, the BONUS shares would come to your account as at the record date you had those shares.

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