Jp associates buy or sell?


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chirag bro im tracking jp asso from 3 ws gone up but then came down not expert here to advice but luking sectorial perspective it is weak ...also technically speaking it is making lower lows and lower highs so clearly not a investment call.from trading perspective its very gud for sell on rise coz its in downtrend main trend.nw it cn bounce bak in some days so wait and then luk for yr indicators for signals then short it .as per my view if u lyk it


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one more reason to go long tommorow efore it hits 17
The chart I have given is a weekly chart so I am not saying that it is going to hit 17 tomorrow only
right now bottom is not formed it will form bottom in 1 or max 2 days mkt will giv indication for the same .There is no option till then wait for it

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