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    Introducing new iPad app for backtesting...CONFIDANT

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the new backtesting app I just launched for iPad called CONFIDANT. It's all about letting you customize your ideas (pattern-based) and see if those ideas could be profitable. I hope you will check it out, and find it useful and essential...
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    Looking to engage with analysts & market wathchers

    Greetings to all Looking to engage with analysits & market watchers , mainly commodities (Crude, Copper, Zinc) & soft . Would like to learn on deploying strategies for risk aversion and hedging. Regards
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    Pattern Trading [Actual trading, not educational]

    Hi, What this thread is NOT : This is not an eductional thread, ie if you dont already trade / recognize patterns, this is not the thread you would be looking for, however you could go to Thats the one i know...
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    Chart patterns for Dummies

    Hello All, I am in the market for sometime, but every day in the market gives me learning and earning opportunity. Not to mention losses :lol:. But I think we must learn to earn in stocks. I have seen many threads here where people just post the charts and discuss. But that is not so...