Intraday and Positional Calls


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To watch on 16-Feb-2011:

Positional (2-5 Days) (Levels could be use to play Intraday as well)
LICHF: Sell Below 185 for Target of T1-180, T2-175 STOPLOSS 190
BUY Above 200 for Target of T1-210 T2-220 , Stoploss-190

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These are for ONLY learning .Please do your due diligence before you trade on these calls.
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To watch on 16-Feb-2011:

DLF: Sell below 235 for target of T1-215-T2-200, STOPLOSS-255

Whole realty sector i sin down trend for quite some time. DLF is in down trend since Oct 2010 and making lower lows and lower high. Every time EMA(15) is working as a strong resistance for DLF. Also if you notice it is following a downward trend channel. Please have a look on the chart for Details.
Put and Call OI show that calls have been written in bulk and puts have been closed.

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These are for ONLY learning .Please do your due diligence before you trade on these calls.


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- Banking sector is attracting fresh long positions (same story with Tata motors).
- Today OI has increased little but price stay at same level(almost). Yesterday Reliance OI had gone down. which mean this rally for reliance is typically a short covering one.
- Major put writing had happened at 5300 , 5400 and 5500.
- Calls OI has gone down at 5200 , 5300 , 5400 and 5400.
- There is Major Calls OI at 5600 and 5700.

I note following from above data

-We may see some further upside in Banking sector
-There won’t be any major falls at least in coming few days few days.
-5600-5700 is major supply zone and DMA (200) lie in this range. So Most probably Smart money see this rally as corrective and are not betting on it crossing DMA(200).
-5300-5400 level will work as a strong support in coming days.
-Major Bull and Bear fight on 5500 so we saw a volatile day today , we may see tomorrow unless one wins.
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For 17-Feb-2011

Renuka Sugar : Sell below 80 for target of T1-75 , T2-65
Renuka sugars short EMA has just gone down which Indicate that is it loosing up momentum and may slide down from here.
Looking at future and PC data, it looks like heavy short is happening at this counter. So I would not be surprised if targets are achieved faster.

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But the PC data suggests that there is a strong building of OI in calls ... kindly clarify..


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