Feedback about Wealth Insight of Valueresearchonline


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I was wondering whether anyone has subscribed Wealth Insight of Valueresearch? How is their recommendations? I believe valueresearchonline is a honest as compared to other research services.

Any suggestions / feedback would be appreciated.
I have their magazine subscription..........
They provide some deep insight into many companies/concepts. Especially the Analyst's Diary section.
I would recommend it, if not for the recommendation, then for the general articles in the magazine.
One drawback is that they don't provide archived issues of their magazine. So you won't be able to check the performance of their recommendations.
Although the portfolios given in the back would give you a starting point to select valuable companies to invest in. They give some 3-4 style portfolios viz. growth, value, blue chips, and others.
At least that could be a starting point for your investment.
You could avoid all the hassle of sifting through the financials of 3000 companies.
Well, to cut to the point, I say you buy one year's subscription.
Don't blindly follow their recommendations. But choose that to be your starting point.