India Infoline (5paisa) did not add Cheque amout to my Ledger-help me

I given cheque of Rs.45000-00 to India Infoline(Ananthapur Branch)on 22-01-2008.
On the same day Rs. 45000-00 debited from my ICICI bank a/c. India Infoline added to my Account but they are showing as Uncleared Amount in my Ledger.
I called to their Customer Care, they said that RBI did not clear my amount. and also they said that this problem not only for u and to all who are given checks from the last 10 days"

Thats why I am unable to buy shares Online from Last 10 days is it possible that RBI did not clear amout to INDIA INFOLINE.

I am so worried about this. Pls help me where can I compliant on India Infoline.
Dont know about 5paisa, but isnt it that when a cheque is not cleared, the amount is debited back at source?

you should as 5 paise to send you a written confirmation and send that confirmation to ICICI.

Make sure that everythings on writing. It makes people more accountable
ALl these brokers are in trouble so using your money.

If the amount is debited in your icici bank then the next wrking day it is cleared to 5p ok
ask them to give in writing that rbi has not cleared your chq.
These brokers are bullying us


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