I tried to search for this mathod I found..


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Bollinger Band - A master tool for intraday setups. I won't say I found it...

I don't know anyone has created such things before or not..

But as per my observation I tried to develop my own thing. I can't claim that it's 110% mine.. but still I just wanna share for the reason that if anyone can get benefited with such knowledge...

First of all I have used BB at it's std settings twice.

first bend is of deviation 2.0 and 2nd one is of deviation 3.0

used MACD at it's std. settings....

what I do is...

- Usually enters in long when price once break the 1st. lower band and moved up and crossed it again

- For short entry I use same things but with upper band...

- If prise moves against your position beyond 2nd bend pls. exit
(to keep SL safe you can use 2nd bend deviation 3.5 or 4. )

this is just for intraday basis.

If there is sign of divergence in macd and price U can carry on ur trade for nxt day but for safety U need to put tight SL.

I m juz adding this as I hope that I may get advise from the seniors of trederji.com.

Though this is not whole system... but I juz started back testing it.. and started to optimizing it. but still I guess there are alots of things which could be improved in this.

Waiting for seniors suggestions and advise.


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