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  1. T

    rolling quantitative momentum strategy afl

    Hello All, Below strategy is used by Raghunath sirji.. Momentum is the speed with which a particular object moves. In the financial world, momentum refers to the speed with which the price of the stock or any other asset moves. A stronger momentum indicates a faster movement in the price of...
  2. bongoclub

    Back-testing system performance vs actual performance

    I am currently executing a trading system manually. The backtesting data has R:R of 1:3 and win ratio of 50%, but based on same methods my actual performance is 1:2 and 40%. Can any experienced traders comment on how this gap between these two can be narrowed?
  3. R

    Help urgent need afl code for this idea

    Can someone help me with the afl code for this picture both pictures :)
  4. Tuna

    The Best Trading System

    Folks, I am not sure if I am qualified enough to post anything is this privileged section as I consider myself as 'A trader, coming out of woods' and far way from perfection to enter the master league. However, when I look back, I realized that I never had a trading coach or anyone who could...
  5. S

    Hello friends

    Dear Amibroker AFL writers, i want amibroker AFL (trading system) in 1 min time frame with price action trialing sl if any one is there pls reply me thanks
  6. L

    Poll on trading system types

    what kind of system you find to be most ideal and what kind of system are hard to find. I have been personally very conservative and thought of trading low risk strategies with less but sure profit. The system still failed last series and hence put this poll. :) Ps: i have tried the former and...
  7. P

    ATR Volatility trading system

    Hello Friend, You know about ATR Volatility trading system is available on marketcalls. This system is made for daily base ( only go for long , no short - cover ) . I have slightly modified and added new condition here . You can download here and checkout backtest report of nifty spot...
  8. R

    any experience with

    I came across a site called It finds corelation between nifty and four or five stocks that corelate with nifty with a gap of one day. Worked for me for three trades in a row. anyone had any experience? rajeev
  9. R

    Amibroker AFL developer, freelancer required

    Hi All Traderji Members, I am a trader and want to take services of freelance Amibroker AFL developers. Remuneration will be on the basis of project.
  10. N

    5 EMA Positional Trading System

    Friends, I wish to introduce the 5 EMA Positional System here. Would love to receive your feedbacks.
  11. T

    Average stop loss percent on your trades and Percent of trades that do not hit SL

    Hello Dear Traders, I am new to futures trading and testing my system in commodities and nifty futures. As i am trying to improvise my system i have some questions which i thought i should share here and get opinions from senior ppl and also new traders. 1) What percent of your total...
  12. A

    Trading software

    Many people have idea that only skilled and experienced Forex traders can competently make use of this software. But, common people can also make use of it as forex trading software products come with a robot training system. A robot trading system provides you all the knowledge pertaining to...
  13. A by MRTQ13

    This great Trading System is designed by greatest BD Coder MRTQ13 who is the pioneer of TA in Bangladesh. Actually I am not a cooder but just sharing his invention to all as he has no objection to do so. Definitely it will help all TA. This system is called Nirvana. the circle band shows you all...
  14. N

    My EOD Stock trades......updated regularly

    A big hello to everyone here. My name is Jai & I have a background in business (HR Consulting & Renewable Energy to be precise). I am based in Mumbai & have been an avid follower of the stock markets for the last 9 years & in that process, tried my hand at all forms of trading – intraday...
  15. L

    I tried to search for this mathod I found..

    Bollinger Band - A master tool for intraday setups. I won't say I found it... I don't know anyone has created such things before or not.. But as per my observation I tried to develop my own thing. I can't claim that it's 110% mine.. but still I just wanna share for the reason that if anyone...
  16. R

    Excellent Idea For Very Short Term Trading

    An up signal is formed when: 1. a stock make two Rally Days - kind of modified Cole Trading Method, 2. The Range Indicator (TRI) indicates there is a possible trend change from down to up and 3. exponential moving averages confirming trending up. An down signal is formed when: a) a stock...
  17. D

    Another (Position) Trading System

    :: Position Trading System using the Stochastic Oscillator :: Stochastic Trading System
  18. S

    List of Trading System / Methods

    Modifying the post to create an Index for easy Navigation, (will add links later) Longish Term Methods Trading the Primary Uptrend, by SAINT (post # 2) Trading the Intermediate Trend, by SAINT (post # 3) Trading using Trend Lines, by Satyajit (post # 4) Intraday Methods...