bollinger bands

  1. mainak18

    Which is the Strongest Indicator ... RSI or Bollinger Bands???

    Hi Traders, I have been watching both indicators RSI and Bollinger Bands by the few months and I am confused which is the most powerful indicator for intraday trading in commodities. Can anyone tell me which indicator I shall use for intraday trading? What is the time-frame will...
  2. N

    Day Trading Indicator

    Hello, Friends Has anybody tried Bollinger Band (Period - 7) or Donchain Channel (Period - 7/2) with Momentum (Period - 7) in Intraday trading? Do anybody has any view of the above?
  3. I

    Help needed in finding trend using bollinger bands!

    Hey guys, I have a question regarding bollinger bands. i know what bollinger bands are and what is the significance of the upper and lower bands. i also know that price sometimes go outside the bands(5% according to the book). i need to learn how to predict when the price is going outside the...
  4. P

    Strategy involving MACD and Bollinger based RSI

    Hi, I calculate bollinger based RSI by passing the RSI for 14 days into bollinger band for 50 days (just like closing price is used to calculate bollinger bands). My strategy is: Buy when: Bollinger based RSI is below bollinger bottom MACD with slow=12 and fast=26 is greater than 0...
  5. Logitech

    Help for Bollingar Band Scanner.

    Guys, I am trying to write a scanner to find stocks that have reached lower bollingar band with setting of bbandbot(C,200,2) on a 5 min chart. below is the code That I have written which I think should work but for some reason when I scan nothing comes up in scanner, I'll appreciate if any...
  6. R

    bollinger band AFL needed

    Hi Friends,
  7. L

    I tried to search for this mathod I found..

    Bollinger Band - A master tool for intraday setups. I won't say I found it... I don't know anyone has created such things before or not.. But as per my observation I tried to develop my own thing. I can't claim that it's 110% mine.. but still I just wanna share for the reason that if anyone...
  8. M

    Hi All.

    I am new to this community and intend to be regular visiting member. I am using Amibroker as my trading tool and looking for some alf's related with Bollinger Bands. Thank You.