Has anybody tried "Fortune mantra" book by ganeshaspeaks.com (astro based trading)


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I tried Fortune mantra of ganesha speaks. Lost big money following the predictions given. Not even 20% of predictions is correct. Even this 20% matching may be due to coincidence and not by astrological prediction.
After buying this Fortune mantra book and loss a big money, my trust in the astrological predictions came down. I am not coming to say Astrology is ineffective but, the astrologers are. Don't waste your money by buying this Fortune mantra.
Has anybody trading as per "Fortune mantra" book by ganeshaspeaks.com ?
Are their predictions correct and to what percentage correct
Or any other Astro prediction?
Just chant hanuman chalisa every day morning after bath without any interruptions for 41 days. Remember to keep your mind calm and if possible avoid non vegetarian. Good karma always brings His blessings. Feel the change in your life and trading. God bless you..

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