I am Madhuri from Bombay.

Hi All,

I love to invest in stock market.I like to trade in intraday too.I am a house wife,BSc.My husband,a marine captain,encouraged me to invest and trade in stock market.I have been trading and investin since 4/5 years.I also study some articles related to stock markets on internet.I also learnt charting .

I use PIB and happy with it.Looking for bit sharper softwares like Amibroker or Metastock.

I truely believe that it is very important to be a good human being if one wants to get success in the stock market.One needs to control the emotions of greed and fear.Warren Buffett ,the Oracle,donated $20 billion to charity.He has shown the world that money is not everything but caring for poor people.
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Madhuri ji, do u hav any charting experiance ? Coz software is not an issue. Also, do u have the basic knowledge of systematic trading like using of SL, Money management etc..?

If not, better u learn with paper trade first and the trade in reality. Intraday trading looks very interesting and attractive, but at the same time it is very risky also if u do not know pros n cons of it..
Welcome to Traderji Madam,

You will learn a lot from here..There are so many generous people here.

So, continue your journey.

Join the chat room if you want to discuss about any shares or market.
If you want to share any views or need any help. You can post the same here and discuss.

How long have you been in Market?

Do you want to become a full time trader or part time?

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