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  • dear dhiraj,

    Your hard work result is infront of so many people now and your appresal is infront of u. I know the status of mind when we loose the money. I have also lost around 1 lac in day trading. Therefore I have sympathy for u in this regard.

    Basically I works for a Premire scientific institution as a scientific Asst. and a great believer of mathematics everywhere. Now a days I was reading abt Fibonacci, through which I was planning a day trading system. I was just making the plan and came 2 know about ur system thru Traderji. Once again Hats OFF dear for ur hard work and kindheartness. God bless u that we all fellow trader pray 2 the god.

    i know how happy ur mother will be now, for ur grand success here. congratullate her on my behalf. For all these dear, i once again request you to do the needful to save/preserve ur hard work. This way I am not being selfish. My intention is to just preserve ur hard work that's all.

    See u after market hours

    sasi bhai i am thinking over it
    ystdy when buy was at 2855 then the price zoomed to 2866.9 alost making to target
    i worried about it now
    what i had thought that it should benefiet to people like us who had lost money and wanted to recover .
    to tell u i had lost 1.3 lakhs starting from dec 2007 till august 2008 when i stopped trading .
    then i just did eveything to get this method ,
    my mother used to scold me for for sleeping late night .
    i used to sit on my laptop doing all sorts of calculations .
    but now i am worried not about people earning from markets but for other small traders like us not getting benefiet of it
    join me in after markets
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