How to trade Commodities - Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas

Easier to Trade - Commodities or Indexes or Stocks

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Regarding your TA pursuit, i would say you are on the right track and this is how we learn our lessons in life. Give yourself enough time.

Thanks Kamlesh.
By the way, based on your recommendation, reading Miner. I must thank you for recommending such a fantastic book.

This book covers lots of E-wave analysis. Hows your experience with E-waves based on miner's strategies ? My first impression is that those are not easy to identify and needs lots of practicing, but if one can identify and trade them well, one can make huge profits.
Guys! i judge it is better to request closure of this 10 month long thread because not being able to answer a query due to certain obligations is not a good feeling for me. I don't see further value addition to this thread.

I thank Hill_5000 for introducing MT4, KID, Aditya for impressing me with their learn-ability, meeting SG was great. Also Ntrader and Abhi_neth i would remember as good traders.

Also, thanx to many people who put their queries and answered my queries. In all this was a great exercise. I am satisfied with what we achieved together.

I wish all the best to the participants.:thumb:
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