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Hi everybody.
This is gautam here. I have been into markets for about 13 years now, on and off. Have moved through the learning curve and mistakes like anybody else here. Though i havent wished to be vocal about how i trade, but recently i thought why not to share the sequence of events and setups i go through, before entering into positions.
Mine is primarily an intraday strategy, which if in right place may run into weeks as well. I am adept at using FnO and do so frequently. Here in commodities, in absence of any options, i trade light to avoid overnight surprises. I also trade commodities in global markets primarily through ETFs.
Here in this thread i would try to show the technical setups i have and emotional aspect of entering/being in and exiting the trades. I at times may not be very regular hence no point in blankly following the ideas here.
The idea to share all this here is to show, one more approach to trading, thats it.
Here is my first imgae. Rest on MODs approval



Weekly: Third week showing continuation pattern on candlesticks with good support at 3600 and 3400.
Daily: Price need to break through the close horizontal channel of 3750-3900 on daily basis
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Crude broke down by about 4 percent in international market. Barring the countering action of USDINR, almost the same impact was felt on MCX. Currently prices seems to be in a wedge with third lower high and touching the baseline at 57.70. The nature of momentum seen yesterday along with sell off on SnP, presents a case for downward pressure on crude. A clear break of yesterdays low would confirm the breakdown.

Silver Saw a deep cut in international markets yesterday. However its resting above a horizontal support and upward trendline. Coming days price action would determine whether there would be support and continuation of medium term upward trend or there is a reversal in store.

Natural Gas extended its weekly fall yesterday to a horizontal support level and closed after 1 percent upwards retracement in prices. If there is a clear followup in prices today, it may be indicating resupmtion of medium term upwards trend, capped by broken upward trendline now.

Gold also got hit by rising dollar and closed almost at the rising trendline support. price action ahead would only indicate whether we see continuation of upwards trend or reversal to downward levels.

Crude has quite a recovery in european session yesterday, however the daily pressure prevailed and it closed down again. Though still supported at 57.60 or so the support line. pressure seems t be on downside as of yet unless it shows recovery on daily charts.

Gold still closed slightly below the up trend line. However, minor breaks at times can be deceptive on precious metals. it just seems to hold here. the next support seems to be at 1175 and a crossover and close above 1190 would put it back in wedge.

Natural Gas had a nice move up from the support but petered out by clsoe. Daily candle is still supportive. However the inventory data may put action on charts. Leaving that out, the channel lower support and horizontal support at 2.80 is working pretty well as of now.

Silver bounced back yesterday from lower support at 16.57. However, price action and momentum is still missing. I personally am positive on t unless daily closing break or a momentus break comes to the lower side
Good to see you posting commos. Do you trade through avatrade int commo etfs
I do not trade with Ava. Futures and ETFs, i am doing through Interactive Brokers. However, MT4 being an easy option for charting and posting, i have opened a small deposit account way back with ava, so i have unrestricted access to charts.

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