International forex, commodities and indexes personal view and trade

Hi guys. From today I am trying to post my trade and views on international market. Earlier I was trading in crude mostly but now a days found Gold more attractive for trading. In index I like to trade dax but now trying to shift dow. I made 500% approx while shorting dax in last 7 months in my nri client account. This month was not good for me in dax but going good in gold. Let see how it goes in future. In Indian market I am not comfortable because less trading hours , less opportunity, usdinr manipulation whenever they want from dgcx even in evening after nse close. I traded alot in forex pairs like gbpjpy and eurousd specially gbpjpy. My all longterm hits but right now I feel scary to trade it. I am happy with gold and dax now a days. Right now alo experimenting binary trading.Let see how much I made in future.One should accept that every expert has several doomed day in his trading career. These are my personal views and I dont want to argue on it. Thanz.:thumb:
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One cal sell crude @ cmp 46.89 or better after inventory for the target of 45.20/44.48/43.87.. Target if change I will write here. Better to sell after inventory and wait for targets. After inventory I will write my target. Mcx trader if like can take trade with sl. But I personally keep sl in mind and trade in my way till my target or I find reversal. Becuae many time unnecessary sl hit. Crude better time to trade in evening we all know.
started selling crude in small small quantity. One can sell mini in distance. I will hold it for next 5-6 days for target of 44.48/43.60/42.63 atleast. Cmp in mcx 3128

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