How to start trading

If you don't know what will be more suitable for you: intraday or long term trading, perhaps, it is quite a subjective thing. Intraday requires lots of attention and temper. You need to spend lots of time looking at the computer screen and follow the charts. It is hard to resist this psychological pressure, that is why I choose long tem trading. I prefer making weighted decisions with the trading plans. I don't like fuss in trading that is why I make decisions in calm environment when I can concentrate on my thoughts.
There is nothing difficult to start off trading activity. Everything you need is just to understand what do you want to get from trading activity and what type of trading is the most preferable for you. There are short term trading activity and long term trading activity or investments. All of these two types differ from each other by the instruments which help you to earn money and approach as itself. I believe that everything you need is just to find a proper broker and try to open a demo account, where you can make your first trades and look how everything is going in trading. After it, you can open real account and at the same time, learn theory.
The very first thing which you need if you want to start trading is a wish. If you have a strong desire to join trading community, then the second thing is to determine the direction. I mean short-term trading activiity or long-term/investing. In this case you will understand what type of analysis to learn, technical or fundamental one.
When you finally understand what do you want to get from trading, then you should seek for a proper broker. I guess, it's the most important part. Then you just open demo account and try to open long-term positions, for example the very position for a week, and of course you should apply your knowledge from fundamental analysis.
Just start learning the forex trading processes and using a demo account can be the best way to learn the forex trading processes more easily than any other learning resources.