My Real Trading journey Will start from Sept Last week 2020, till 2020 Dec 31st ill post my daily trades here-Trading Doc

Scripts i Trade Nifty + nifty index and banknifty i will list 25 scrips including 2 nifty and banknifty ie other 23 ill post here ill only trade in that daily will post my Trades here EOD .
Risk reward 1:1 min, max 1:5 min 2 lots in index futures options and 1 lot in stock futures/options. Will daily Post my Pros and Cons of trading .
Leverage usage 1x-20x.
Rules no buying of options will buy on expiry day only if below 10rs in nifty and below 50rs in banknifty. rest day maximum investment 2500rs if positional only ie 5% of my cap.
Intraday trading : no over trading i have already made my setup i have 10yrs + exp, just version changed and upgraded.
My Techie used Price action and momentum indicator and most Complex indicator used SINEWAVE(My Fav).
I Struggled very hard to make my own setup i worked 15hrs a day for 6 months , lost a lot worked so much finally now a winnner . Yes Trading income is best and very fast when compared to other incomes at the same time u need to struggle hard be a emotion controller , discplined trader to be a winner provided u have a system that gives u more then 60% win ratio gain.. Remember one thing no Real trader will teach u his 100% secret , he will help with only 50% of his secrets rest u need to learn by uself. when u experience pain ull also get the gain. ITS only the mind set that will make u a winner . ull loose money if ur trading with improper mindset and tension situation. We Help each other lets grow our network.. if ur struggling hard then sure will help each other . if ur newbie learn urself get some pain then ull get gains.
Will post it.