How to start trading

First, you should obtain knowledge of Forex Trading, like the Pairsm Market Trends, Signals and lots more. Later you should begin with Demo Trading. After Demo, you could do small investments, and gain knowledge about the Real Market.
First of all, you need to decide if you are here for the long term or short term. Then choose an amount that you are likely to invest. Start with a demo account to get an idea on how the market works and then go ahead with a live account on a trading website.
If you are investing in the stock market then the intraday trading can be done by a stockbroker instead of going to any website. Long term investments are the ones in which you invest for a long period of time like retirement plans etc.
If you are going to trade manually, I mean without trading bots, then I would recommend trading long-term. Scalping and short-term trading presuppose high psychological pressure and sitting before your computer screen all day long in order to get several pips from a deal. Long-term trading is all about making sober decisions, which are based on objective reality that you can analyse.