How to improve my trading

To improve your trading, never stop studying the market. Always make a trading plan and stick to that plan.
Learn from your mistakes and never let yourself down- have patience.
You can only improve by practising more and more. If you want to excel in your skills and gain experience you need to trade consistently and work on your tac ticks.
There are plenty of ways how you can improve your trading actually. The main is to learn various stuff about trading activity. If you're already a trader then I bet that you don't know the half of information about trading, because it's pretty vast. In my opinion, besides, educational content which is provided by the broker, you can learn individually various stuff in the internet. For example, you can watch videos or listen to podcasts, where professional traders explain peculiarities of trading activity. Never be afraid of tryting something new. For example, if you have never traded futures, then try it, because it also will give you some experience and knowledge.

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