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How did you know about

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I was quite active in our knowledge was restricted to mere
discussions only.What fascinated me ,here, the ability to post charts etc.I have never
left Traderji there after.


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I came here through a friend....but initially I not understood what written here as I not know that time anything TA/FA ...just know buy & sell ...lost my hard earned money :( my 1st visit not got anything interested here :) then I came back after 1& 1/2 year after loss of my cap started to read all threads here....i even not know that time any charts etc :) ....its hard time here active up to 12-1 am .....its long journey ...many mehtods tryed ..Saint's teachme thread changed all my mind started to study charts...its amazing journey though....still journey going on:)


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I came here searching for option trading strategy...and found Dan's thread. There after I became an options strategy trader. Now have confidence to trade in Futures too...i had no TA knowledge before coming here.. learnt many things in TJ and found like minded friends here...So spending more time on TJ these days..somewhat addicted!. :thumb:
Potatoes..Hot Potatoes connected me here..Googled the word Potato Trading and all Tags related to it..

(I'm a low budget Potato Trader..)
With name ending, I expected this forum to be more of Hindi speaking contributed. My mother tongue is Tamil. I came to this forum only after a year I found it in Google search. I am glad I came here albeit very late.

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