How much did you save in this lockdown

Money saved in these 60 days

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It is almost 60 days that we have been in a lockdown, remaining at home all the time,
no where to go, no outings, no cinema, no theaters, no eating out at restaurants/eating joints etc etc
It will be a fun to know,
How much you (as a family) saved in this lockdown, in your monthly expanses

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I saved a lot cause all of my favorite activities were unavailable! I was so frugal that I could buy a car with saved money, which I did
My family saved a lot because we weren't going out and doing family activities during lockdown. I have 3 kids, so it pretty much costs at least $100 just for admission to go anywhere fun. We still spent a lot on groceries and things though, and we would up paying for more streaming services because we opted for that instead of cable and we didn't have much else to do.
Not much but I was able to cut down the travel costs. But saving up would only be beneficial if you invest them in the right places as keeping money idle is not advisable.
Throughout the lockdown, I turned into a champion saver, transforming my formerly impulsive spending habits into a thrifty superpower. I saved enough money to buy a pet unicorn and start a retirement fund for my future life on a tropical island. Lol