USDCHF short position - What did I do wrong?

I shorted USDCHF after a demand zone on higher levels was broke. You can see I entered on 2nd bear candle as it seemed to me be a confirmation for the trend continue to go down. What did I do wrong here? What would you have done differently if you were to enter short here?



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90% money is made by being Bull in market .
if i was short i would have just close the loosing position and call it a day .
and learn lesson from it.

Like they say Buy when other are fearful .

doesn;t make sense to loose more then 10 or 15 % of total capital deployed no matter whatever market is.
it;s like feet has been locked in crocodile jaws now you want to continue fight? and let it reach your thies stomach hands brain ?
or you just cut your feet and live .

Best to keep stoploss at 100 day Exponential moving average on 10 min chat . that should have been stop loss .

ALWAYS HAVE exit plan it;s called CALCULATED RISK

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