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    Can any brokerage cater to this trade?

    Hi All, I have a specific type of trade strategy in mind and would be grateful if I could be directed to any brokerage which can execute this trade. Say a scrip is trading at 500, I want to place a bracket order with SL 450 and Tgt 550 but if both targets are not hit, I would want to take...
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    I am new to Traderji.Com & Looking for a new Online Broking Agent

    Hello All, I am new to this forum but I have been following the posts here for quite sometime as a guest and I find the posts/suggestions/advices very helpful and hence decided to join. I am an online trader and my broking account is with Angel Broking. I am a bit fed up with their...
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    How to open a brokerage firm

    HELLO FRNDS I just want to know , How one can open a brokerage firm? What are the factors he has to consider while opening a brokerage firms
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    Trading over mobile/PDA

    Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me which broker provides webpages or software for trading over mobile/PDA phones using GPRS.and which mobile or PDA is suitable for that. As far as I know,ICICIDIRECT.COM provides the web enabled trading over mobile but it is very uncomfortable.:)
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    New Brokerage service

    Hi Everyone, Congrats to everyone on a very useful and friendly forum. I am starting a new online brokerage, and would like to get everyone's input on what they would like to have in a new brokerage service, that is not being served, ot get an upgrade. Inputs can range from: 1. Pricing...
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    hiiiiiii guyz!!!!

    hello to all the expert minds and the learners over here. i have recently started trading and looking forward to this forum for all the help and co-operation. there are a lot of smart people out here with a keen perception of the stock market and high business acumen. its nice to meet all...