introduction !

  1. K

    Hello all

    Hi All : My first post on traderji. Great to be here as a regd member. I have about 5 years of trading and investing exp. I follow candle sticks and currently using amibroker from about 4 months.Still to get hang of it.Guess i will have some queries for experts soon. Looking forward to a...
  2. T


    Hello everyone, I recently left my job due to relocation to a different city(my husband's transfer):lol: i have worked as arbitrager for almost 3 years, prior to that a failed attempt on trading with a complete wipe out of the account; than found a job, its almost 5 years back. now i want to...
  3. V


    Hi, nice to meet you all! I'm Varun and I'm a certified financial planner professional.
  4. Sagarocks432

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys good 2 see this forum.:clap: I have 1 year experience of intraday in cash segment of equity only:cool: . And from 3 months I am learning and researching on Technical Analysis 10 hours per day.:confused: And discovered various tricks to earn profit but still with low accuracy:annoyed:. I...
  5. T

    Hello World !

    Found Traderji Today .. Thanks Google =) I am from pune and going to take my first step into NSE options market..with a mentality that .. If you want to go FAST, go alone, but if you want to go FAR .. go as a group ! So here I am !!.. Please allow me to tag along all you veterans of...
  6. S


    1) Your trading/investing experience has been a mixed on with booked loss of 2500 and a notional loss of 3L 2) For last 4 years I have been investing/trading in the markets. 3) My area of interest is secondary market. 4) I make my trading decisions on watching TV and reading news 5)...
  7. A

    Intruduce Yourself!

    Hi Friends, It is nice to say "Hello" to the people who are in the same mindset / goal. Basically, i am from IT Sector, doesnt have any Fincance / Accounts knowledge but i do invest from 2007 and every year i am getting some small amount. I like to swin in the Share Market ocean and...
  8. GrimReaper

    New Kid on the Block

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests I am brand new here as well as the market. How I found this site? Well ever tried googlin' anything about indian stocks, brokers and share market questions .... well traderji links are always on first page of google and no wonder, as it has got lots...
  9. A

    Hello Traderji and friends

    Hi, Have been an investor for a long time. Thought I would get into online and day trading in addition... Sure will mutually benefit from the interactions... Thanks Arun
  10. A

    jai jinendra

    1. Not good not bad also 2.4year 3.secondary market 4.base on fundamental analysis search
  11. S


    HI, I am new to trading and happened to come across this site while searing for knowledge . This site is good and helpful and while I learn I hope to contribute . A great contribution is made by ignorent people asking question which contributes to better understanding by people who have...
  12. W

    New Trader

    Hi I am a very new enterant in the world of trading and seek your valuable advice in future.
  13. M

    Feel great to be here

    Hello Pals, I am happy to join this excellent trading community. I am new to trading. I know there's a lot to learn but being associated with such a good community will make things easier. Expecting a nice start with your help and guidelines.
  14. S

    hiiiiiii guyz!!!!

    hello to all the expert minds and the learners over here. i have recently started trading and looking forward to this forum for all the help and co-operation. there are a lot of smart people out here with a keen perception of the stock market and high business acumen. its nice to meet all...
  15. H


    Hi! Everyone, I've just joined in this community..I'm a novice as far as trading experience is concerned..but i'm interested in making my investments grow..and shares n MF seems to be a good option..looks like , at least !! I will def be needing loads of advice on the process of goin about...