volume at price

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    Learning to trade with order flow

    Hello everyone, Note to moderator: If you find this thread inappropriate for this topic then kindly move it to where it belongs or tell me and I'll repost it. Thanks for this wonderful forum - moderators and members _/\_ I am new to trading. Started last month and just recently came across...
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    How to trade with volume

    I always heard that we have to use price and volume to trade. I can understand how to use price for trading but when it comes to volume I am a little bit confused. For prices we have certain indicators and parameters to buy and sell eg RSI <20 for buy and RSI>70 for sell but I don’t find any...
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    Hello to all of you

    Hi, I'm Fred I am trading for a couple of year now. Only stock and ETF because these are the only trading product that I really understand. I trade trending stock that are in a pull back. I use Amibroker to dig my day list. I'm a big fan of wise Stock Trader and Traderji were people share...