Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?

No, I haven’t. I don’t think these webinars can teach us something new about the market. I do read news articles where financial experts give their opinions on recent developments and the current market situation. They are more reliable and useful in my opinion.
I no longer attend webinars due to my busy schedule. Also, I think there is no need to do so if you can indulge in self-study and keep yourself updated with relevant market information from time to time. Webinars can be beneficial if the person conducting them is able to provide some valuable lessons that we don’t know already or cannot learn by ourselves.
See, not all the information out there is going to be reliable. You have to be able to distinguish the right from what doesn’t suit your goals and move forward. Personally, I don’t really attend these kinds of seminars so I wouldn’t really know but from what I’ve heard, it’s best if you follow your own ideas.
Sorry, I haven’t. I am quite lazy to listen to webinars and prefer to learn from the internet instead whenever I get time. But I won’t discourage you if you like learning from webinars.
Please don't fall into the trap laid out by Vishal Kumbhar. I would say you would save 15000 if you don't join his course. All his course are in the form of videos and in teachable platform. The topics have not been covered in depth and not ordered sequentially. The order flow analysis part is absolute bull shit. He is luring people by inviting them to free webinars. He has 2 strategies which he generally talks about in his free webinar

1. How to make 1000 pts in Bank NIFTY per month
2. Intraday Trend Rider strategy

He will show a few profitable trades and few loss making trades in both the webinars and finally at the end of the webinar you would think you have found your holy grail in the form of Order Flow Analysis. He will immediately open the gates for his online webinar by saying he is giving at a discounted price of 15000. At that moment your brain will stop working and you would be lured into buying the webinar. But it's real bullshit. I would suggest people who are planning to enroll in his course think twice before you let go your hard earned money

I lost my money by acting senseless and made a quick decision after his free webinar. I would request everyone to think twice before enrolling into his webinar. My honest feedback.

bro tells the delta should be greater than 40k for bnf. What values does he give for nifty and other stocks bro?
I won’t pay even a single penny to anybody I have never heard of before. I would like to learn to trade myself instead of wasting my money on random course sellers.