Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?

I haven’t attended it. I think there is no holy grail when you trade, so I do not agree with the concept of selling motivation to such an extent where people think they won’t ever lose. Just hold on, trust your gut and follow your plan. It will get better!
No, I didn’t. I don’t even know who he is. I know it sounds exciting to attend webinars and learn trading. But there is nothing new they will teach that you won’t find in your books. You better not waste your time and do your learning properly.
I think webinars are quite overrated. Forums are a better option when you wish to learn from experienced traders where you can get your queries resolved by traders at different levels and with different skills.
I think it is much better to learn on your own, whether it takes years to master the game. Because what you learn from experience is more fruitful than someone telling it to you already. In webinar courses, they might tell you everything that’s virtually available in front of you, but you just didn’t explore it. If you know something already in your quest, the learning is okayish. It does not become fruitful. Therefore, learn through books and other resources (not like those webinars or courses), etc. Sometimes it is serendipity or something so big that you might discover in your journey that will help you out.
You don’t need to follow everyone who tells you about how good they are at trading. You must pave your way to becoming a successful trader and that can be done by learning on your own.
I don’t really attend these kinds of seminars. I focus on working towards my goal by self learning. Sure, I keep a look out for news like this so I know what’s happening but I believe self taught traders are much better at their game.
No, not really. I don’t think it is entirely necessary to attend every seminar or course out there. Each to their own, everyone has a unique approach and I think that’s what makes the market an interesting but risky place to be in. Just follow your own train of thought and increase your skill set. Focus on becoming a better trader, by choosing who you listen to.
Most of these webinars are marketing gimmicks or marketing strategies meant to promote their products or courses. I don’t know about this person, but the majority of them are fake.