Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?


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sorry i thought question is to me. many order flow concept are used , like delta, vwap concept ,bell curve of order execution, - but u grasp its utility and edge -its of no use. pl read a book called PHANTOM OF PIT.
another basic is what styles suit you.
He has a grip on ORDER FLOW ANALYSIS. But the thing is, trading is not possible with small capital as he says that u can start with 20k. He trades and suggests on future not on equity, options etc. When u see the charts in live market, as per his guidance, he suggests to buy at almost top and u feel that, is it possible to go further high similarly for shorting. One more important thing is, when his trade is in profit he says don't book all. Book partial profit and keep rest as Trailing Stop Loss. With minimum capital how it is possible. if trade goes against him, then it is obviously under a loss of minimum 1.5k to 2k. Then again how it is possible to trade with minimum capital is my question. As per his words, in a year only 4 months will be the trending months. Rest 8 months are sideways months. Then what is the use of trading as a full time is my 2nd question. Some times, he doesn't have confidence on his trades and says that personally I am not taking this trade, then what is the purpose to tell his mentors. If anyone has guts, then they can take the trade. If it goes well, then he asks to send the screenshot and he posts in his public telegram channel. After on trade, he stops to trade even the opportunities are there. If anyone is trading as a profession, then his/her job is to hunt good stocks to trade and to make money unlimited. He stops trading after one trade and gives lecture for a long time. In live market he asks all that, who has made money more than 10k,15k, 25k etc. Then he appreciates them and convey his wishes. I feel if u want to learn something new concept on ORDER FLOW ANALYSIS, u can join his course. Otherwise consistent money making that too with small capital is highly impossible. All these words are from my personal experience. So u decide and move ahead. I am not here to hurt or tell negative notes on anyone.
I have attended many of his webinars. For the updates, I have bookmarked his website so that I don’t skip any important detail about trading that he has to share.
I have been following Vishal Kumbar for the last few months. I have also gone through his course which helped me understand the importance of risk management and how big traders trade. Unfortunately, I missed his latest webinar.


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it is complicated. not worth. what is simple works. the only point is your approach must be unconventional away from the crowd.
you better try ruchirguptas gcd scanner.
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