Has anyone attended recent trading webinar of Vishal Kumbar?

Please don't fall into the trap laid out by Vishal Kumbhar. I would say you would save 15000 if you don't join his course. All his course are in the form of videos and in teachable platform. The topics have not been covered in depth and not ordered sequentially. The order flow analysis part is absolute bull shit. He is luring people by inviting them to free webinars. He has 2 strategies which he generally talks about in his free webinar

1. How to make 1000 pts in Bank NIFTY per month
2. Intraday Trend Rider strategy

He will show a few profitable trades and few loss making trades in both the webinars and finally at the end of the webinar you would think you have found your holy grail in the form of Order Flow Analysis. He will immediately open the gates for his online webinar by saying he is giving at a discounted price of 15000. At that moment your brain will stop working and you would be lured into buying the webinar. But it's real bullshit. I would suggest people who are planning to enroll in his course think twice before you let go your hard earned money

I lost my money by acting senseless and made a quick decision after his free webinar. I would request everyone to think twice before enrolling into his webinar. My honest feedback.


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aare mamu if this vishal guy was is so called makes 1000 pts in bank nifty then why would be teach you his secreat.

his secrets is simple buy bank nifty when market falls 500 to 600 pts in 1 day or 2 days .. buy that time and dont sell it carry it for 1 yrs there 1000 pts made
Hello Everyone,
I have been trading Equity and Index for the past eighteen months and felt the need to gain more knowledge of various tools and strategies available in the market to be more profitable in the crazy world of stock market. After getting prompted to sign for one of the webinars of Vishal Kumbar in FB, I attended his much advertised webinar. At the end of the webinar, I paid around Rs16000 to take up the course. Below are my opinions after taking the course and attending many of his daily live trading sessions in the last six months. I hope this will help investors and traders to make the right decision before paying for his course.

1) The course content is a big disappointment for the following reasons.
a) Many of the videos used in the course are recording sessions of his webinars or his early live training sessions. His frequent interactions with attendees really irritates you. The interactions do not help you in any way as you don't hear what they are asking.
b) While discussing charts, he does not mention the dates properly. You just listen to what he says. Any doubt arising, can not be checked individually as you don't have any historical dates to view. He could have atleast used some PPT with proper images instead of draws/ pathetic scribbles
drawings using e-pen.
c) Many of the chapters are just theory class. Many of the participants have raised the same in their comments and nothing has been changed. Some of the comments dates back to mid 2020 and no action has been taken to correct the same (even in 11/2021).
d) Unfortunately, the chapter "Order Flow Analysis" which is the most important session in the whole training course, end up with sound issues. In some of the areas, you does not hear anything what he says. Even after highlighted by many of the participant who paid for the course, no action has been taken to correct the same.
e) Many of the simple concepts videos are at least 15 to 30minutes long, making you to fall asleep. You lose your concentration in the vast ocean of his contents because many of his content are just copies of his webinars.
f) The content in the chapters "Risk Management (70min) " and "Market Cycles(430 min)" are much of theory classes that you sink in the ocean of webinar contents. In the end you might be forced to refer to other materials and contents, to understand the concepts discussed.

If your question is "Will I be able to get the concepts clearly and have the skills to trade in the market once you complete the coourse?" The answer is big "Noooooooooooooooooooo"

Who else does this course benefit,


1) You should be good listener to what he says in the live trade sessions and should be ready to take the entry. Many of the times, the price will be flying high and you might have end up buying/selling at much higher price. You should also be quick enough to react to his commands and move the SL to trialing one. Many of the new and intermediate traders struggle with this and end up in loss.

So, If your expectation are to learn and to trade individually, then this is not the course. Even if your expectations are just to gain knowledge in order flow and market profile, then there are lot of free online books and materials that you can gain the knowledge from instead of paying huge sum of money.

my dear novice trader and investor.i would like to inform you that worlds best scammer is mr vishal kumbar .wo aisa lalach dega ki aapko lagega ki bus aap 1 month me millionaire ban jayenge but kasam mahakal ki laga ki koi samne se loot liya ho aur main hi nahi hazaron lakhon ko loot chuka hai name- protradingwizards.even he can not speak english well childish english bolta hai. Pata nahi kaise main fans gaya.dont go for his course .a bigscammer agar aapko apna paisa pyara hai to mat fanso iske jaal me main bhuktbhogi hoon ro raha hoon.aur agar iske chakkar me pade to sara paisa gaya.course ke naam pe recorded video hai aur kuch bhi nahi.na kabhi phone uthayega na kabhi aapse dhang se baat karega aise fraud logon se banche .jan hit me jaari by me.16k ke near apse course ke naam pe lega aur 16 ka softwaere lene ko kahega jiski validity 12 months only ,main fans gaya aap log savdhaan .agar aise logon ke fraud ke bare me likhoon to pura din likh sakta hoon magar samajhdaar ko isara hi kaafi hota hai,so big big no no no no no no.


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disclaimer: i have nothing against anybody. my comments may look against constar-or marketer of trainer who makes money in mentor industry from gullible trade learner.
who am i? -reply : i trade learner of 1991-2001 - yes a decade. Then only successfully leant the art of trading with the help of some mentoring material of tradingmarkets.com
yes i have money from market.
why i am hooked----may be able to treble money in 1st year, but luck.( to know why and why i as part time learner spend about 10yr)
it is only after knowing metastock -data -eod study -quick execution -methodical application ,- i earned in 2002-2007.
Then at 2007-8 - i try to learn fundamental aspect in detail ,with back up stamp of BSE.
i showed my skill once in bse ,yes trading is possible ,a skilled based activity in 2006. (my up shown)
i lost interest to the associate of day trading ,when my mother's death by fire accident - tragic for me. (my down)
so i am going to out in 2008 , but given the hidden art of trading to this traderji forum ( no account or chart shown). suddenly a vote taken that time consider here me as best trader( with return + guidance provider, which later taken out from forum, ST is a new comer then)
on personal level i am trained from tradingacademy(OTA IN 2006) also by Mr stuart of metastock trainer from australia.
later i learnt also from sharekhan training on 2010 and myself given material /lecture on trading in pseudoname in 2011 .yes i do trade on higher probability set up ,on occasion of some challenge i do publish and shown some trade (with bill and profitability) and later removed. some of the trainers of TA do know me as friend /researcher on market .
PRESENT GENERATION OF ta trainers in general r not trader at all. they found easy money by hype. i dont like to comment as in earlier days i have seen many of them. since learners have no patience ,they pay to learn from them. In general on theory ,indicator based call work on particular market condition or not at all. so risk management skill is 1st step of trade learning.
to understand market is not easy. - u must consider up trend factor ,bull-bear strength, money flow ,at a particular pt(support-resistance_) this is the basic principle of price reading trader. it takes some yr to learn. i personally find 98% shall fail in this venture. once u understand trade learning, apply it to make money with small a/c size with loss and win in comfort zone. price randomness or reversal -ability should be clarified first. trend or fad is easier to handle. all ta or order puncher has advantage to become trade learner ,as they many yr ,also get salary out of it.
good trader many a times ,including here ,has given sufficient hints . journey of trade learning and doing trading to run family r 2 different thing.
please check ur fitment skill , money is by-product. most so called trainers can help u -to make -IT LOOKS SIMPLE.
market is best teacher. patience is great virtue.
once told i gave material /analysis on how to learn trade in traderji,as my tribute . most of them r valid ,with higher volatility.