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SOH = Sitting on hands (no trade position)

Thanks a lot @timepass bro!!

Being new here, difficult for me to know many terminologies have been created by users here. But this thread helps a lot!!

what is SOH? people say that today SOH, no trade something like that?

BO : Breakout
FTA : First trouble area
BPB : Breakout pullback
LOD : Low of the day
PDH : Previous day high
IRH/L : Initial range high/low
PDL : Previous day low
HOD : High of the day
RL : Range low
MF : Major flip
RH : Range high
MSP : Major swing pivot
DO : Day open


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Terminology used by Highly Intellectual traders. :thumb:

Bhai, tumhe complex jaane ki zaroorat nahi hai :D:D

You have mastered already.
If it's Adams context then:

CT: Counter-Trend matlab, NF going up and we do masti of being over smart :rofl:
FT: Failure Test (rejection of price) like long wicks or subsequent bars.
Failed Test or Failure Trade
CT - Counter trend ..



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PSM..bole to..Position Sizing Management.. trading using variable position sizing according to risk-reward..
PSM = Position Sizing Management
MM = Money Management.
RM = Risk Management.


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Some are basic abbrevations ( may be known to all ) , though sharing here

OHLC - Open High Low Close
HH/HL - Higher high / Higher low
LH/LL - Lower high / Lower low

TL - Trend line
TA - Technical analysis
IB - Inside bar
NR - Narrow range
ORB - Opening range breakout
OBV - On balance volume

short covering - Buying back borrowed securities in order to close an open short position.
short selling - Sale of a security that is not owned by the seller or that the seller has borrowed in the hope that the price will go down.
hedge - A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset.

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