Sharekhan Terminology

Hi all... Can anyone Please explain me Sharekhan Trading basic and must know terminologies and procedures for intraday trading either through TRADETIGER/APP.

eg. Bigtrade, Bracket, leverage.
I don't use Sharekhan but I have seen videos on youtube, etc.
Bigtrade- Intraday (Specifically Marginal Intraday Squareoff) So your order will be squared off at the market close automatically.
Bracket- Advanced order type where you can set your buy price and stop loss as well as trailing stop loss range. So after placing order if the trade is going in your favour, the stoploss will trail or follow so you don't have to keep adjusting the Stop loss. Maybe this link will help-
Leverage- If you have have Rs 10000 in your A/c but you want to trade for Rs20000, the broker will provide the rest of the amount. For Sharekhan Intraday leverage is 10 times. So if you want to take a trade of 11000, You will give only 1000 and Sharekhan will give 10000.
I hope I helped. If you have other questions, please ask.