A bit of market terminology

I learnt some market terms from rediff.com
Some of them which I encountered in pink papers still elude though:(.

Can someone tell me the meaning of these:

- Basis Points
- H2FY12, Q1FY12
- PE, P/E Multiple
- Scrip
- Futures, Futures Trading
- Spot
- RBI Repo Rate
Group A, B, T, Z (stocks are classified in these groups. What's the criteria?)
A man who is 35 yrs old, has 1 lakh rupees to invest only in shares. can anyone pls tel me in wic sector its advisable for him to invest in?

A man who is 60 yrs old , recieves a pension of 15k/mnt , has 50 lakhs cash (lump sum) and has a own house, children (both) mariied n well settled.. How will both react to investing in stocks...

Can someone tel me how will dey consider the risk bearing abitily...??