1. S

    Does value of O H L C changes with beginning of next candlestick ?

    Given in the screenshot there is a O H L C value highlighted under red colour. My question: Is the value changed with upcoming of next candlestick ? Please give in yes/no with one sentence answer... it will be enough for me. Thanks !
  2. timepass

    Glossary / Terminology

    TF = Timeframe AFL = Amibroker Formula Language VP = Visual Pivot tick = the minimum value by which the price of a scrip moves. For most of the scrips on NSE, the tick is 5 paisa. On BSE, some scrips have 1 paisa tick Pip(s) = same as "tick", used in Forex
  3. R

    Best Book for Mutual Funds

    My financial advisors seriously bog me down with the number of options available in mutual funds. Can anybody suggest me a good book which can help me understand mutual fund terminology in a factsheet and mutual fund documentation ?
  4. M

    What is the meaning for : INTRDAY and DELIVERY

    Hi, I am new to this site. I recently have my Motilal Oswal account opened. I have a few basic questions. Would someone please answer these for me. I am basically interested in holding shares for longer terms (1 to 5 years or so). in the BUY screen of MotilalOswal I see, Product type as...
  5. C

    One more newbee: some more terminology Questions

    Hello All, I have been a guest reader and have benefitted immensely for past 4-5 weeks just by reading, so now startedhaving questions on some terms and have failed to relate to , kindly help me seniors.. -WHats the Difference between Swing trader, Position trader and what technical...